Eating Matzah at the Seder night is an essential part of our legacy as Jews. It always has been. Matzah is the embodiment of our ability to choose inner-freedom no matter the circumstance. This year won’t be any different. In the end, it is the spirit that triumphs.


Eating Matzah on the Seder night is the soul of Passover. It is the conduit for the Al-mighty’s blessings for the year to come. It is vital that this be done right. Eat your Shmurah Matzah on April 22 after 8:25 pm, and April 23 after 8:40 PM

Since it is prohibited to possess chametz on Pesach, any chametz left undisposed must be sold to a non-Jew. [Any chametz remaining in the possession of a Jew during Pesach may not be used, eaten, bought or sold even after Pesach.]

Passover is celebrated by Jews every year, commemorating the anniversary of our miraculous Exodus from Egyptian slavery, as told in the Bible.

Whether you’re on your own or with a crowd, a veteran or a newbie, if you want to make your Seder an exciting and meaningful experience you want this Haggadah.

The Seder is the traditional Passover meal that includes reading, drinking 4 cups of wine, telling stories, eating special foods, singing, and other Passover traditions.

The Passover Montreal campaign is a project of Chabad Lubavitch Youth Organization representing Chabad institutions throughout the province of Quebec. At Chabad, we live the Jewish ethos that "all Jews are equal and are responsible for one another" inspired by the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneersohn